About company

Yaroslavl Factory of Production Tooling is an advanced manufacturer of die tooling, molds and tools. The enterprise has produced more than 15,000 dies and molds of varying degrees of complexity.

The enterprise is equipped with modern machine fleet that mainly includes the turning, milling and electrical discharge machines with numerical control.

We have highly qualified specialists in tool manufacture who are capable to develop and produce the technical means of any complexity using the modern precision equipment.

Enterprise history

Pilot Tool Plant "Rostehosnastka" was established on April 14, 1967 according to the decision of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the USSR.

In 1973 it was renamed as Pilot Tool Plant by the order of the Russian Union of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers at the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR.

In May 1993 Pilot Tool Plant was reorganized into OJSC Yaroslavl Tool Plant.

Since 2004 Yaroslavl Tool Plant has been separated in LLC Yaroslavl Factory of Production Tooling, which is existing at the moment.

Cooperation with «YaZTO»

The convenient geographical position allows us to work with all regions of Russia and CIS countries. Recognized quality of our products and good reputation in the market affords an opportunity for us to remain a leader in this market segment for many years.

Manufacturing company YaZTO is a leading manufacturer of auto parts for the engines of trucks and special vehicles. The factory has successfully operated in the auto parts market since 1996.

The enterprise produces a wide range of cylinder head gaskets, gaskets for gas pipelines, flanges, intake and exhaust manifolds and spare parts for the YaMZ, MAZ, SMD, K-700, 7001 engines and engines of the other automobile and tractor factories.

The output products have all necessary certificates and meet all the requirements of Euro-2 standard for internal combustion engines.

Since its establishment the factory has specialized in manufacturing of the dies, molds, non-standard equipment and tools. The factory products always differ in high quality and affordable prices.

Tooling manufactured by the factory corresponds to GOST 12.2109 and GOST 22.472. Also the enterprise has implemented a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:20001.